Custom Design Packages

Ready to take your gigs to the next level? Well then you've come to the right place!

Wearing custom designed apparel with your name and logo on it is an awesome way to massively increase professionalism and brand identity.

You WANT people to remember your name and you WANT people to start recognizing who you are because as a DJ, you are your own brand. DJs that have some sort of a brand identity (along with great mixing skills) are much more likely to be rebooked and can ultimately bring in larger paychecks. 

Here at DJ Apparel, we KNOW how important that aspect is to a DJ's long term success and that's why we've crafted custom design packages to make sure you LOOK the part as well as you SOUND the part.

Choose below from any of our custom design packages and start increasing your professionalism and sales today!

(One of our designers will reach out to you upon purchase to discuss what you would like on your custom apparel)
$114.99 $94.94
SAVE $20.05

Custom Design - Standard Package

$69.99 $49.99
SAVE $20.00

Custom Design - Basic Package

$64.99 $44.95
SAVE $20.04

Custom Design - Snapbacks

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